Happy valentine’s Day

❤Eternal love has no limits and no boundaries.❤

❤ Love makes our hearts filled with joy! ❤

🌺Wish you to spend this wonderful day with ur loved ones. N friends n family.. 🌺

🔴 Being someone’s life meaning and guiding star – this is a real love.🔴
💓 And I wish you to enjoy it in full this day. 💓

❤Happy Valentine‘s day❤

Have a SMIly n Romantic Day ☀💓❤😃😃😊😊😊

Ek Rishtey bhi aisa hona chahiye ki!


💞 दुनिया में हजारों रिश्ते बनाओ लेकिन उन हजारों रिश्ते में से

एक रिश्ता ऐसा बनाओ की

💞 जब हजारों आप के खिलाफ़ हो तब भी वह आपके साथ हो.

🙏💞 good morning 💞🙏

​Humour in Court.

​Humour in Court.

A man was taken to court for calling an Honourable Minister a pig.

It was his first offence and the judge was in a good mood and decided to show mercy. 
So he discharged him after warning him to desist from unguarded utterances in future.
The man removed his cap and thanked the benevolent judge profusely, ”Thank you, your lordship.”

He continued, “Honestly sir, I didn’t know it was wrong to call an Honourable Minister a pig. I won’t do it again. I am sorry.”
”It’s okay”, said the judge, ”you may go.”
”My lord, may I ask a question, sir?”
”Feel free” answered the judge.
”Now I know it’s wrong to call an Honourable Minister a pig…

But is it also wrong to call a pig Honourable Minister?”
Amused, the judge replied, ”I don’t know why you would want to address a pig as a minister. 

But I don’t think the pig would mind. It’s not unlawful, by the way. 

Yes, you may call any pig Honourable Minister.”
The man smiled and nodded, then he turned to look pointedly at the Minister and said, ”Goodbye, Honourable Minister!”


Trees never fell by cutting his trunks!

पेड़ कभी भी डाली काटने से नहीं सुखता,

पेड़ हमेशा जड़ काटने से सूखता हैं….

वैसे ही इंसान अपने कर्म से ही नहीं बल्कि अपनी छोटी सोच और गलत
व्यवहार से हारता हैं…..✍

किसीने खुब सही कहा है ….

खुशीयॉ आये जिंदगी मै तो चख लेना मिठाई समझ कर,

जब गम आये तो वो भी कभी खा लेना दवाई समझ कर.